Unrivalled PM Software & Services

Innovation in Project Delivery

We provide a range of products/services that facilitate process improvement and increase efficiency throughout various stages of building/infrastructure projects

Spatial Information Systems

  • Communication systems
  • Project information hubs
  • Quality Management
  • Data visualization
  • Production intelligence
  • Custom Software Development

    Tailored solutions to meet specific business challenges/needs.

    Programming / Planning Services

    The services we provide are complimented and underpinned by our technology offerings, resulting in an unrivalled service offering that maximises value and supercharges productivity.

    Our Mission

    Enable delivery teams to build better; driving efficiency by introducing transparency, enhancing communication and facilitating collaboration whilst establishing accountability to deliver superior quality outcomes.

    Spatial Information Systems for Construction

    We provide software that enables users to interact on web and mobile interfaces.

    Our Spatial Information Systems provide unrivalled task-tracking for building/infrastructure projects - the workflow facilitated is arguably the most efficient way to track, ensure compliance and manage quality effectively.

    Project information is communicated throughout delivery via an innovative mechanism that is exclusive to Infrasis.

    The execution of interdependent tasks in constantly changing environments by numerous service providers often leads to rework and delays.

    Our systems address the unique challenges posed to communication by construction projects. They introduce transparency, establish accountability, promote the early identification of issues and facilitate workflows that ensure the delivery of superior quality.

    Project Services

    Here is an overview of how we approach each new project.


    • Client interview
    • Review drawings/documentation
    • Gather project data
    • Create project specific technology strategy (including measures to ensure adoption and effective interaction)
    • Develop programme / plan with key stakeholders


    • Project Spatial Information System set-up
    • Dynamic schedule set-up
    • Entry of Quality Management components
    • Custom development (where applicable)
    • Gather client feedback
    • Review of requirements


    • Deploy Spatial Information System
    • Briefing of project teams
    • Monitor communications, real-time status reporting and dynamic schedules
    • Reporting of production data
    • Continued monitoring throughout delivery

    Adoption Centric Design

    Build Better with Infrasis

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